marblesFS-USA/Mega Marbles was named the official sponsor of The Toy and Miniature Museum‘s attempt to break a Guinness World Record—the World’s Largest Marble Tournament—on June 8 in Kansas City, MO. Players can learn to play the marble game of Ringer, a simple marble game that teaches cooperation, hand-eye coordination, and sportmanship, and compete for the grand prize. All participants earn a free bag of Mega Marbles and complimentary admission at the museum for the day.

The museum won the record for the World’s Largest Marble Tournament with 677 participants in 2008, but in 2010 the record was overtaken by a new record of 876 plays. Particpants of all ages are welcome, and families, as well as groups, are invited to enjoy the day. Marble rings will be set up on the floor and on tables, so it is recommended that participants be able to kneel or stand for 30 minutes. Rich Maxwell, author of Collecting Marbles: A Beginner’s Guide and Let’s Play Marbles: Learn to Shoot the Best Marbles Games will be the official tournament witness.

Participants who arrive between 9 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. can learn to play marbles before the event begins. The tournament will be located at Swinney Recreation Center on UMKC’s campus. Contact Tony Julo at (816) 235-8009 or to register.