Kids can shake their way to a delicious snack. Churn out a single serving of ice cream at a time with this adorable animal-themed ice cream maker. Fill the lower section of Mugz the Ice Cream Maker with ice cubes and salt. Then add juice, cream, or regular or chocolate milk to the top section, and shake for 2 to 3 minutes. This new snack maker enables parents and children ages 4 years and up to foster close relationships through shared learning experiences while encouraging team play and role-play interactions.

Yum! Children will love getting creative with the Choco Fun-Do chocolate loving bear. They will have their very own chocolate melting factory right at home with this complete chocolate fondue set. Use the bear’s hat to safely grate the chocolate; feed it to the chocolate bear, and voilà: super-tasty, melted chocolate. Stir, eat, play, use for dipping, or shape into molds. This fondue kit was designed for children ages 5 years and older.