In January, The Wiggle’s founder Blue Wiggle Anthony Field will be joined by Lachlan Gillespie, Simon Pryce, and the first-ever female Wiggle, Emma Watkins, who have been handpicked by the group to don the brand’s signature jerseys. The new Wiggles’ personalities will bring fresh traits to the red, yellow, and purple shirts while continuing to build their widely recognized edu-tainment platform and deliver quality children’s music to families.

There is much excitement surrounding the new lineup, most notably the inception of Emma as the new Yellow Wiggle. Young girls who have been following the band will now have a real role model of their own. Aside from her personality and singing, dancing, and acting abilities, Emma has a knowledge of sign language, plays drums and percussion instruments, races rally cars, and has a Master’s in Media Arts and Communication. Lachy and Simon will also have a strong presence within the dynamic of group. The purple and red jerseys will now incorporate extensions of these new personalities, including Lachy’s love for playing the piano and Simon’s opera-inspired vocals.

Emma, Lachy, and Simon have already been warmly welcomed by fans while performing with Anthony, Greg, Murray, and Jeff on the band’s worldwide Celebration Tour, which wraps up in Australia this December. The response they have received thus far from their immense and loyal fan base proves that the brand will only continue to grow as it evolves, opening many doors for new opportunities.

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