PUERI ELEMENTAL KICKSTARTERPueri Elemental launched a Kickstarter campaign this week to fund its newest Eco-Bonk Real Hero Series (RHS). This series consists of domestically-produced bops with characters printed on the inside of the toy, eliminating direct exposure to ink. The earth-conscious bop toys are manufactured with additive technology that converts vinyl material into food for microbes naturally present in soil, accelerating biodegradation.

Eco-Bonk RHS is an interactive play pal, giving children ages 2 and up important role models to tumble around with, embrace, and enjoy. Fireman Mason, Doctor Sophia, and Soldier Ethan are ready for production. One percent of proceeds will be donated to charity.

Pueri Elemental became a hit with its award-winning Eco-Bonk Wildlife Series; the first domestically produced inflatable bop toy with custom-fitted organic cotton animal covers. One percent of proceeds from this line are donated to Wildlife Alliance.