Kids are driving household purchases of consumer electronic (CE) devices, according to Kids and Consumer Electronics, 2011 Edition, the latest report The NPD Group.

The report showed that, when looking at devices purchased in the past year, 78 percent of portable video game systems purchased and 56 percent of portable digital media players (PDMP) purchased were given to the child. The report also detailed that 73 percent of kids use computers purchased, 74 percent use televisions, and nearly 60 percent of kids are using a portable or console gaming system.

For households with kids ages 4 to 14, newer devices, such as e-readers and media tablets, were acquired at single-digit rates (8 percent and 5 percent, respectively). The report also notes a slight decline in the average number of days in which kids use cell phones, PDMPs, and portable video game systems since last year. For all other devices, the average number of days has remained stable or declined, suggesting kids are maxed out on time.

Among households with kids ages 4 to 14, many consumers are purchasing CE devices online (for example, 46 percent for e-readers and 31 percent for desktop computers). In comparison, only 9 percent of toys are purchased online for kids in this age group.