As the holiday curtain rises, Lalaloopsy is poised to grab the spotlight with Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Star, the talking, singing, and dancing doll.  On her stage, Harmony B. Sharp tells jokes, speaks funny phrases, and sings and dances to five classic kids’ songs with a Lalaloopsy twist. Accompanied by her pet kitty, which also doubles as a “purr-cussion” instrument, Harmony B. Sharp performs on her stage, aka her doll stand.

Already a Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Star, Harmony B. Sharp makes a special cameo appearance in Activision’s upcoming video game, Lalaloopsy: Carnival of Friends, available October 30 for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS handheld systems. Specially marked boxes of Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Star: Harmony B. Sharp contain instructions to find an exclusive code that unlocks her character in the new video game.

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