Lego Queen MaryIn July, the Bright Bricks Lego model of the Queen Mary begins its exhibition. The huge model will come to Long Beach and be displayed on the actual Queen Mary, the world’s most famous ocean liner.

In order to complete the project, which took nearly four months to build, the UK-based Bright Bricks recruited four professional builders and utilized more than 250,000 individual Lego bricks. According to Bright Bricks, one of a few model makers certified by Lego, the model has a length of 25 feet, 11 inches, and weighs 604 lbs.

To better connect children and visitors with the historical persona of the Queen Mary, the model will be displayed in an exclusive space—the Shipyard—and surrounded with building stations where children and Lego enthusiasts can make their own version of the ship or anything else that comes to mind.