June1.CareBearsAmerican Greetings Properties will expand the current Care Bears digital presence with the release of six new themed mobile apps this year.

Beginning in June, partner Lion Forge will launch a series of interactive comic books on all platforms, which will complement physical goods available at specialty retailers next year.

In July, a new partnership with Bare Tree Media will make its debut with Care Bears emoticons, stickers, and themes launching within leading messenger apps such as Band, Blackberry Messenger, and Viber. A continued partnership with Iconicfuture will also bring new Care Bears homescreen themes to Apple and Android users on the CocoPPa and CocoPPa Launcher.

In August, the Care Bears first appisode titled “Care Bear-a-Thon” will debut with partner Plumzi. Appisodes are animated episodes that stop periodically and invite the viewer to interact with characters throughout the adventure.

This fall, partner PlayDate Digital will begin releasing Care Bears digital storybooks. The first,“Sleepytime Rise and Shine” will include three new Care Bears inspired songs.