PlayShifu debuted its latest augmented reality (AR) connected play toy offerings ahead of CES 2020 in Las Vegas this week.

New products include Shifu Tacto, three new gaming kits for Shifu Plugo, and a new experience for its AR globe, Shifu Orboot, which adds two new planets to explore. PlayShifu products are designed to teach foundational STEAM skills through physical and digital play.

“As we enter a new decade, PlayShifu’s latest toys will continue to positively integrate physical and digital play to develop foundational learning skills,” says Vivek Goyal, CEO of PlayShifu. “Whether your child is discovering new cultures around the world or learning physics using a catapult, our toys use the benefits of modern technology combined with tactile play to enhance the STEAM learning experience.”

Shifu Tacto is considered to be PlayShifu’s “new flagship gaming experience.” The line turns any tablet into an interactive board game that kids can explore through augmented interactions and tactile play. Three additional gaming sets are available to extend the platform, including Tacto Elements (chemistry), Tacto Laser (analytical thinking, creativity, and spatial reasoning), and Tacto Quest (problem-solving and analytical thinking).


Shifu Plugo is an AR-powered gaming system that consists of one gamepad, interchangeable gaming kits, and a companion app. Story-based challenge sets include Plugo Tunes, Plugo Slingshot, and Plugo Letters.


Kids can learn about planets through interactive experiences using the Shifu Orboot AR globe. The physical globe is powered by the Orboot app using a compatible touch-screen device. New interchangeable planets this year include World of Dinosaurs and Planet Mars.

All products will be available for sale through