CPSC Chairman Gives ICPHSO Keynote Speech

Chairman Inez Tenenbaum gave her ICPHSO Keynote Address on February 17, reviewing 2009 and outlining plans for keeping kids and families safe in 2010. Toward the end of her speech, Tenenbaum warned, “…And we have a new, expanded Commission. Not always unanimous in our votes, but all committed to keeping children safe. A new Commission that has new powers—and we are not afraid to use them. If you resist our efforts to recall children’s products, be forewarned, this Commission stands ready to be creative in the use of our enforcement authorities.

As the Toyota experience has shown in recent weeks, this government will not allow for delay in recalling dangerous products.

Consumers expect CPSC to be proactive, put their interests first, use their tax dollars wisely, and be nonpartisan in our pursuit of protecting children.

Under my leadership this is what we will strive to do at the CPSC, as we are committed to making this the Year of the Consumer.

And with your support, I will continue the transformation of CPSC from what some have described as a ‘teething tiger’ into the world’s leading lion of consumer protection.”

To read her full address, click here.

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