Crayola and Wild Planet Team Up for New Games

Wild Planet will release its first line of Crayola-licensed games this fall. The new games are an extension of the partnership between the two companies; in 2009 Crayola and Wild Planet  launched Crayon Town activity sets.

Guess My Picture is a game of creating and identifying pictures made from different shapes. The game, for kids ages four and older, is part puzzle, part art project, and part guessing game, promoting spatial thinking and fine motor skills.

Doodle Match, for those ages three and older, is a memory game in which players practice matching colors and objects. Players start by coloring images outlined on specially coated cardboard tiles. Because images are colored differently, the game can increase memory and keep players’ minds sharp. After use, tiles can be wiped clean with a tissue or paper towel.

Color Mix-A-Roo is a no-mess game of color-mixing magic that teaches basic blending skills. The game, for kids ages 4 and older, teaches players about primary and secondary colors. Colors come pre-printed on the palette, which has a center dial. Players dial in combinations of two, three, or four colors to make a variety of shades.

Guess My Picture, Doodle Match, and Color Mix-A-Roo have a suggested mass retail price between $9.99 and $14.99.

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