Distroller USA debuted a new generation of Nerlies as the latest line extension for its popular collection of Neonate Babies.

Barry Watts, Navarie, Bosini, Fidgets, Itzyboop, Lloyd, N’antsy, and Susiking are named after Distroller‘s original Nerlies, which are best described as “space babies recognized by a big round head and small body.” Nerlies, along with Espongie and Zygotie, make up the three species of Neonate Babies that have traveled to Earth from their home planet of Neonatopia in search of loving Neo-parents (kids), who will give them a forever home.


The new generation Nerlies include new distinct facial and body characteristics that are explained in Neonate lore as having been “caused by the explosion of a planet near Neonatopia.” New generation Nerlies come equipped with a new interactive incubator and accessories, including a pet “NeoTick,” and magic towel and cosmic sprinkles for the Nerlie’s first Neo-ceremonial bath.

The Neonate Babies first became popular in Mexico, with popularity reaching the U.S. through widely-shared videos that detail the Neonate Babies’ alien mythology and their Earthbound adoption process and care instructions. The dolls and accessories are available exclusively through Distroller USA’s online store, or at Distroller World experiential retail locations in San Diego, Houston, and Glendale, California.