One of the most famous Star Wars vehicles to never appear in the original trilogy is back in action.

During the original Star Wars craze, the Kenner toy line that ran from 1978 to 1985 was known for including some weapons and vehicles that were never seen on screen, but had been specifically developed as toys that kids could use to extend the adventure at home. The Kenner team in Cincinnati developed a bunch of original creations, one of which was the Star Wars Imperial Troop Transporter.

Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Mandalorian Troop Transport

Following an animated debut in Star Wars Rebels that brought the vehicle into the official Star Wars canon a few years back, the vehicle entered the first live-action series during the season-ending cliffhanger of The Mandalorian on Disney+, more than 40 years after the toy first hit shelves.

Star Wars: The Vintage Collection Mandalorian Troop Transport

Ahead of Toy Fair New York, Hasbro introduces the most detailed version of the vehicle yet as a new addition to its 3.75-inch scale Star Wars: The Vintage Collection lineup. The updated transport includes a removable roof, opening doors, fold-down seating, a swiveling turret, and blaster storage.

The Vintage Collection Imperial Troop Transport is available for preorder at Entertainment Earth, Amazon, and other retailers now.