I Made a Maqet! (Part 2)

So, the wait is over. My maqet showed up today. I’m still wondering how it’s pronounced…does it rhyme with “packet”? Or does it sound more like “Rockette” with a “muh” sound in the front? And why oh why is there no letter “u” following the “q”? This goes against everything I know about the alphabet. 

When I first opened the package, I wondered why there were Styrofoam packing peanuts in the box to cushion a plush toy. Upon further inspection, I realized that my maqet is not a plush, as I for some reason thought it would be, but a little hard action figure-type creature. 

He (it?) came with a little nametag with spaces for me to fill out my name as “artist” and for me to fill in the name of my maqet. The maqet’s birthday, March 14, 2010, is on the tag as well; I’m assuming this is the day I designed him/her/it on the website. How cool would it be to design one the day your child was born; then you’d forever have this little one-of-a-kind creature that you made that’s exactly the same age as your own little one-of-a-kind creature that you made.

One of the most notably awesome things about my Maqet (other than the fact that I got to design my own super-cool action figure), is the disclaimer on the back of the package. It reads: “We hope you enjoy your new maqet! Handle with care. Don’t eat your maqet or throw it across the room at someone; it might break.”

Wiser words could not be spoken.

—Jennifer Sinclair, Senior Editor, The Licensing Book

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Jackie Breyer

Jackie Breyer

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