I-Star Appoints Snuggie Toys Founders as VPs


I-Star Entertainment, LLC has appointed Snuggie Toys’ founders and executives, Alex and Stuart Kessler, as executive vice president and vice president of sales, respectively. As part of the appointment, I-Star now controls some of Snuggie Toys’ products including its NFL and NFL Rush Zone licensed products, Colorforms, Max & Ruby products, Franklin Record and Play lunchbags and plush, Wittle Bittles plush characters, Pet Rocks items, Lunch N Fun products, Pro-Tabletop Sports (PTS) products, and Casper products.

The company has also appointed Rober Leff as senior vice president for sales and marketing. Leff has more than 40 years of experience in the toy industry, serving in positions such as vice president of Coleco Toys, executive vice president of Toybiz, and president of Toy Island.

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