From January 2018, the ICTI CARE Foundation will be further known as the ICTI Ethical Toy Program.

As well as a new name, the organization will unveil the next generation of its Ethical Toy Program with an updated mission and strategy, a new membership model, and a new look and feel to deliver the changes.

ICTI Ethical Toy Program’s updated strategy is focussed on delivering industry engagement, responsible sourcing tools, training, and support necessary to respond to new challenges and opportunities. The organization is also refreshing the brand, leading to a change in the program name, a stronger visual identity, revamped digital communications, and a new mobile-friendly website.

The refreshed branding, including new name and new website, will be rolled out starting in January. New membership model for brands and retailers will also be available from January. Work to update the Audit Checklist and Star Ratings is ongoing and will be launched in the summer.

The Audit Process and Certification Status will not change as part of the refreshed branding. All current Seals of Compliance will remain valid, and they will be updated to our the branding following companies’ next audit cycle.