Donkey Hodie | Source: Fred Rogers Productions

Jada Toys continues its expansion beyond die-cast and R/C.

Following the launch of its B-Kind Dolls, its direct-to-consumer NEXT Level platform, and a range of Universal Monsters Action Figures this fall, the company inked a deal with Fred Rogers Productions to create a range of toys inspired by the PBS Kids series, Donkey Hodie. Licensing Street brokered the deal as the newly appointed licensing agent for the Donkey Hodie brand.

Under the new agreement, Jada Toys will serve as master toy licensee and will develop figures, plush, playsets, vehicles, dolls and doll accessories, electronic learning aids, and musical toys based on the puppet-based series inspired by Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

“We are honored to be part of the Fred Rogers legacy and thrilled to base our toys on this charming, new property that introduces children to the wonderful and valuable themes of resilience and optimism through catchy songs, meaningful dialogue, and outstanding puppetry,” says Amy Austin, vice president, licensing and marketing, Jada Toys.

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Geared toward kids ages 3-5, Donkey Hodie is set in the whimsical land of Someplace Else. The series follows the titular Donkey Hodie, an enthusiastic and charming go-getter who takes on each day with curiosity, resilience, and sincerity, and her pals: Purple Panda, her loyal and empathetic best friend who wears his big heart on his sleeve; Duck Duck, a practical, quick-witted young mallard who loves to figure things out; and Bob Dog, an energetic and eager canine who is always ready to fetch a ball or boogie to music. Fred Rogers Productions says that the series is “designed to empower kids to dream big and overcome obstacles in their own lives, to work hard and persevere in the face of failure, to be resourceful and discover they can solve problems on their own — and to laugh themselves silly along the way.” The series was created by Adam Rudman and David Rudman, co-founders of Spiffy Pictures, and developed by Ellen Doherty, chief creative officer for Fred Rogers Productions.

Jada Toys’ debut line of Donkey Hodie toys is expected to hit retail next year.