JAKKS to Release More Taylor Swift Toys

JAKKS Pacific, Inc. is expanding its Taylor Swift fashion and doll lines to include two new doll collections and other toys that will release in stores nationwide next spring. The Taylor Swift Performance Collection Doll Assortment will feature dolls in the Grammy-nominated singer’s likeness that plays 30-second highlights of Swift’s hit songs and are fashioned in clothes from the performer’s music videos. The Taylor Swift Fashion Collection Doll Assortment features dolls in the singer’s outfits from award shows, TV appearances, and concerts.

The new products from JAKKS will also include the Taylor Swift Fashion Packs, outfits based on Swift’s real attire; the Taylor Swift Fashion Wardrobe Set, a storage case to keep all of the Taylor Swift dolls’ clothes; and the Song Recording Studio, a doll toy set of a recording chair, microphone, head set, laptop, picture frame, and rug.

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