We’re living in an era of virtual events and concerts that fans can watch from the safety of home. The latest performer to take the virtual stage is rapper Travis Scott, who partnered with Fortnite to perform a series of in-game concerts showcasing his new musical experience, “Astronomical.”

The shows are already shattering streaming records for the video game — more than 12.3 million concurrent players watched the first performance yesterday, and there are still three performances set to stream on Saturday, April 24.

While the performance itself and the related in-game rewards are virtual, two toy companies produced very real commemorative products for fans to purchase.

Available directly from the shop on travisscott.com, the offerings include a Cactus Jack for Fortnite 12-Inch Action Figure Duo Set from Jazwares ($75, pictured top) and a Cactus Jack for Fortnite AR-Goosebumps NERF Elite Dart Blaster from Hasbro ($65).

Both products are expected to ship in October and feature colorful, cosmic design elements inspired by the “Astronomical” logo. The figure set features a Sicko Mode figure with a light-up head and comes with a Diamond Jack Harvesting Tool and a Goosebumps Wrapped Assault Riffle. The blaster comes with 20 darts and features flip-up sights.