KNEXMightyMakersK’NEX Brands launched Brave & Beautiful, a video marketing campaign that coincides with their new Mighty Makers line that encourages and inspires girls to build big ideas and dream even bigger. The Mighty Makers line, which was introduced earlier this year, features STEM-themed engineering toys designed to empower girls through creative, story-based building sets.

The Brave & Beautiful video features original music of the same name, written and performed by Jessica Owen. It starts with young girls talking about what they love to build and what they hope to be when they grow up. They also answer questions like “What do you say when someone tells you that you can’t do something?” with inspiring responses like “We’ll see about that!” and “I can do anything!” The end of the video features all the girls yelling “I am a Mighty Maker!”

When discussing the motivation behind both the Mighty Makers product line and the Brave & Beautiful marketing campaign, Kristen Krikorian, director of marketing for K’NEX, says “STEM jobs are increasing faster than non-STEM jobs and the need for educated, excited workers is ever-growing. We’ve noticed a lack of women pursuing careers in STEM and we want to help change that.”

A recent report from U.S. News and World Report states that kids educated in STEM-related disciplines will ultimately have lower unemployment rates and higher starting salaries than the population at large.

Created by an all-female marketing and design team, the Mighty Makers building set line is geared toward girls ages 7 and up. Each STEM based set features colorful rods and connectors and follows the life and career of the included figure. Careers include marine biology, mechanical engineering, aviation, and more. Mighty Makers Building Sets are available now on and at retailers nationwide.