LEGO Releases Board Games Exclusively Online

LEGO has jumped into a new toy category—board games—with the launch of five constructible games. The products are available exclusively online, at websites such as,, and

Creationary is a game of creative building. Players roll the LEGO dice to select one of four building categories: vehicles, buildings, nature, or things. The game includes three levels of difficulty to test players’ imagination, creativity, building, and guessing skills.

Players try to be the first to lead their three heroes to the temple in Minotaurus. But to get the heroes to safety they must avoid the Minotaur, a mythical creature who protects the secret temple. By changing the dice, players can jump hedges and rebuild the maze for a new adventure every time.

The bravest knight of all is crowned in Lava Dragon. In the strategy game, players roll the LEGO dice to climb, block opponents, avoid lava, or knock others in the volcano, aiming to be the first to scale the volcano and summon the mighty dragon.

In Monster 4, players try to get four of their monsters in a row. By rolling the LEGO dice, players have a chance to move their or another player’s monster, or send in the giant spider to clear some space.

Logic is key in Pirate Code. Players try to become pirate captain by guessing their opponents’ secret treasure code before his or her own is revealed to the crowd.

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