LEGO_LogoFirst reported by the Associated Press, first-half sales for Lego were 14.1 billion kroner, or roughly $2.2 billion, up from 11.6 billion kroner one year earlier. Net profit during the same period was up 30 percent to 3.6 billion kroner, or $543 million.

Recently, Lego enjoyed a significant sales boost thanks to The Lego Movie, which was released last year and became the most popular animated feature of 2014. The company had more than 300 different Lego sets on the market during the first half of this year.

The company stated on Wednesday that it has expanded factories worldwide and significantly increased its investments, resulting in double-digit growth in all regions, with strongest demand seen in Asia. Currently, Lego employs 15,000 people, up from 12,500 last year.

In June, Lego announced a 1 billion kroner investment to improve its search for new toy materials. The company opened a research center in its Denmark headquarters for that purpose.