Gone are the days of plain paint jobs.

Razor scooters are getting a stylish upgrade with creative new designs featuring Sharpie, Sriracha, AriZona Iced Tea, and Takis snacks. This marks Razor’s first-ever limited-edition collaboration series, launching on July 19.

From AriZona’s seafoam green-and-pink can to Sriracha’s spicy green-and-red squeeze bottle, the new scooter designs take the personality of the brands using themed elements in the wheels, deck, T-bar, handles, and even the packaging.

Source: Razor

The Sharpie scooter features a graffiti-inspired design on a white base and the first-ever hand-drawn Razor logo on the T-bar. It includes two Sharpie Permanent Markers that riders can use to customize the scooter to their heart’s content.

Source: Razor

The AriZona Iced Tea scooter showcases teal, pink, and gold details across the T-bar and wheels, and is styled with cherry blossoms on the deck.

Source: Razor

The Sriracha hot sauce scooter spices things up with bright green handles and wheels, a fiery red base, and Sriracha’s signature rooster on the T-bar.

The Takis scooter features a purple body and T-bar and yellow wheels to match the crinkly bag of the crunchy, rolled tortilla chips.

The eye-catching scooters will be available at select Target locations, target.com, and razor.com only while supplies last.