Loaded Questions Announces Contest Winners

Five people took home a cool $5,000 each after their “loaded question” was picked to be included in revised editions of the board game, Loaded Questions. The game combines elements of Trivial Pursuit, The Newlywed Game, and Scattergories.

Players are asked open-ended questions such as “What is a totally inappropriate activity for a first date?” or “If you were to make yourself more attractive, what would you do?” After submitting their answers anonymously, players take turn guessing who gave what answer. The winner of the game is the person who knows the other players best.

The new questions are:

1) “What is a sign that a job interview is going badly?” (Matt Thompson, Elgin, IL)

2) “What word do you use the most often to make yourself appear intelligent?” (Daniel Ellis, Warner Robins, GA)

3) “True friends don’t let true friends do what?” (Debra West, Owen, IL)

4) “What is obvious to you but doesn’t seem to be to anyone else?” (Sheryl Chessman, Pomona, CA)

5) “What is the one thing you wish your doctor would say to you?” (Brenda Cole, Reiserstown, MD)

Eric Poses created the game more than 10 years ago. This year he introduced The New Yorker, which combines the game play of Loaded Questions with captionless images from the magazine’s cartoon library. Poses also debuted The Joke Game, in which players have to guess the punch lines to jokes.

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