Following their U.S. preview at Toy Fair New York, the Treasure X Aliens made a big landing in Oz.

Moose Toys‘ latest expansion of its Treasure X collectible line was named “Action Figure of the Year” at the 2019 Australian Toy Awards in Melbourne. The other-worldly action figures will first hit retail in Australia this June, with a global rollout to follow.

The next evolution of Treasure X is a throwback to the “alien autopsy” craze, inviting kids to dissect the alien to save the Treasure Hunter within. Each alien stomach contains a bag of slimy ooze, along with a tweezer tool for kids to use in searching through the goo. An included storage container makes for easy ooze storage, or kids can squish the slime into the alien head and watch it ooze out.

The Treasure X Aliens collection features 18 different Treasure Hunters to collect and swap, each with an included weapon and treasure, as well as a chance to find a real gem treasure in every pack. These gems are known as “peridot,” a mineral that has previously been founds in meteorites.

Treasure X launched last summer in the U.S., with series two — Dragon’s Gold — at retail now.