New Parent-Controlled Social Site for Pre-Teens Premieres, a new social networking website for children ages 9 to 12, has premiered and is promoting internet safety by only allowing access to children if they have parental consent.

The child cannot begin activity on the site until the company has contacted his or her parents, confirmed approval for membership and participation, and initiated a trial membership using the parent’s credit card. Additionally, every friend the child communicates with on the website must be approved by the parent. If the child leaves to move around the internet, each site they attempt to visit is subject to parental approval.

Internet reports of their child’s online activities can be generated using the free KidzRocket WebFilter, a real-time image composition analysis engine. The engine allows parents to control and monitor pre-defined internet privileges by telling them which websites their children have attempted to access. is a subsidiary of, Inc.

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Christina Edwards

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