Diamond Heist game | Source: Yulu

Summer is heating up with new games and toys from Yulu, heading to Target starting this month.

First up is Diamond Heist (pictured above), a cooperative game in which players must work together to retrieve the stolen diamond before time runs out and someone gets caught! An evil organization has stolen a precious diamond and has hidden it deep within their vault. It’s up to you and your fellow spies to rappel into the vault, eliminate the alarms, retrieve the diamond, and escape before the security guards arrive. Designed for kids ages 6 and up, this game takes teamwork, communication, and steady hands to succeed! Priced at $19.99, this game will be available starting this month.

Source: Yulu

Break the Board is an action-packed game that combines martial arts and competitive play for kids ages 6 and up. With four game modes to choose from — Level Up, Competition, Trainer, and Freestyle — players must listen to the commands to quickly chop, swipe, and strike through 10 challenging levels. Whoever is the fastest and most accurate gets to Break the Board, becoming the ultimate martial arts master! Priced at $19.99, this game will be available starting this month.

In addition to these games, Yulu is also expanding its Pop Pops line with Pop Pops Blingz, combining confetti ooze, bubble popping, and surprise collectibles. Kids ages 6 and up can pop the confetti ooze-filled bubbles to reveal collectible charms, beads, and bracelets for unique jewelry designs. They are launching in August, available in the following sizes: Mini Pack ($2.99), Starter Pack ($4.99), and Mega Pack ($9.99).

Source: Yulu

The Glitter Burst Starter Pack is a new type of collectible heading to Target in August. Kids ages 6 and up can use the wand to inflate a secret collectible character hidden in a colorful flower pod. Once it’s done inflating, it will burst to reveal a plump character with a special inner energy. Kids can also deflate the Glitter Burst characters to turn them into sparkling collectibles, which feature super and ultra-rare characters. The starter pack is only $9.99.

All of these items will be available at Target and target.com.

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