Online Site Allows Consumers to Preview Products at In-Home Parties

The Toy Book recently learned about, a free online community that allows consumers to preview new products at in-home parties. After registering on the website at, members have the opportunity to host a House Party for their friends and families that allows attendees to preview new products from a brand that they really like. Multiple parties for a particular brand are held on the same day across the country, and each party host receives a free “party package” containing goodies and other items to enhance the event.

After being picked as a host for a particular House Party, the person uses the company’s website to invite friends and family, share pictures and videos, communicate with other hosts, and blog about the event. Items are not sold at the party, so the event is pressure-free; House Parties are just designed to give consumers a first look at a brand or product, or introduce consumers to a product that has been around for years but they have never tried.  Additionally, party attendees have the chance to take home products, exclusive discounts and coupons, gifts, and more from the brand/party sponsor.

For more information, visit To learn about sponsoring a House Party, click here.

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