The Overwatch League from Activision Blizzard Esports Leagues returns today for the official start of the season. This year, 2o teams will compete for the league championship and the $5 million prize pool.

Now, fans have more ways to watch the esports league using the Twitch All-Access Pass program, online, Twitter livestreams, and (in North America) on the ESPN app, Disney XD, and ABC. There is also a new Overwatch online shop, offering team and player merchandise.

“We’ve added eight new teams and nearly 100 new players to the Overwatch League, and we’re really excited to see the influx of new talent and to see how teams approach the daunting task of winning the league championship,” says Nate Nanzer, Overwatch League commissioner. “Look for the quality of play to rise as the league continues to get even more competitive. The talents of our extraordinary players are going to be on display for the world to see.”

This opening week will feature all 20 teams, including a rematch of the 2018 Grand Finals showdown between the Philadelphia Fusion and London Spitfire.

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