The Toys and Colors crew with animated Dax | Source: has partnered with Toys and Colors to create a new franchise that focuses on highlighting diversity and empathy.

Kaleidoscope City will launch next spring with an original live-action/animated series, consumer products, gaming, podcasts, live events, and more. It’s set in a magical world of color where kids can learn to see things from a new perspective. The series — Toys and Colors in Kaleidoscope City — will feature the Asian-American cast of Toys and Colors as live-action characters set against a virtual backdrop.

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A cast of new animated characters will join the crew, including Baby Rainbow, Dax, and Chi Chi. Each has a unique perspective and persona to inspire new products, games, and more. These characters each run various world bazaar shops and will help the Toys and Colors group navigate the new city.

Toys and Colors currently has 65.4 million subscribers across its channels with 49.1 billion lifetime views. It joins the portfolio of successful brands, including Ryan’s World, Love, Diana, and more.