The Pop Mart pop-up in Costa Mesa is the first U.S. location for the growing retail brand. | Source: Pop Mart International

Pop Mart is bringing its expanding line of “art toys” to more consumers around the world.

Since launching in 2010, the Chinese company has grown to operate more than 250 retail locations across 23 countries that offer toys and collectibles designed “to light up passion and bring joy” to families everywhere.

Shoppers visit the Pop Mart pop-up in Costa Mesa, California | Source: Pop Mart International

Last month, Pop Mart opened its first U.S. location at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California. The Pop Mart pop-up is the first test for the U.S. market as the company looks to expand its footprint in North America.

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On July 2, the company opened a flagship store in Seoul, South Korea. The three-level store offers photo ops and includes a special area designed for meet-and-greets with the artists behind Pop Mart’s products.

The Pop Mart flagship store in South Korea | Source: Pop Mart

“South Korea has developed a deep pop culture, and the entertainment and media industries are already in a mature stage, influencing youngsters around the globe,” says Justin Moon, vice president of Pop Mart and President of Pop Mart International. “Under the powerful influence of South Korean culture, integrating Pop Mart’s creativity with quality media content, we can definitely intrigue more Millennials and Gen Z.”

The Pop Mart flagship store in South Korea | Source: Pop Mart

Beyond its full-line physical stores, Pop Mart also operates nearly 1,700 Robo Shop vending machines. The company’s original brands, including Molly, Dimoo, SKULLPANDA, and The Monsters are available in numerous configurations, including blind boxes. Pop Mart also maintains licensing partnerships with Disney, Warner Bros., and others.