44 Cats

Source: Rainbow Group

Following its U.S. debut on Nickelodeon last year, Rainbow Group‘s 44 Cats is picking up steam in North America.

As the series continues to grow in popularity worldwide, new licensees, broadcasters, and streamers are getting on board. As of May 1, 44 Cats is streaming on Netflix. The series is supported with a robust licensing program developed and managed by The Joester Loria Group in the U.S. and Branding Streams in Canada.

Most recently, Forever Clever inked a deal to produce games and novelty toys in both markets. The range will include action, board, card, and memory games in addition to novelty toys and play tents.

Additional 44 Cats products hitting retail this year include offerings from Bandai, Harper Collins, Franco, Sakar, and Accessory Innovations.

The second season of the series debuted in Italy this spring and will expand globally later this year.