The YouTube ecosystem is changing, and the creators the platform spawned are evolving with it.

Ryan Kaji is perhaps the most well-known personality in the kids’ space, and this week his channel officially ditched the clunky Ryan ToysReview moniker in favor of the much more brand-friendly Ryan’s World. The name now matches the branding established by across his licensing partnerships, which extend to toymakers including Bonkers Toys, Just Play, and Jada Toys, among others. Kaji himself took to YouTube to explain the name change in a new video.

According to Kaji’s family, the name change opens the channel up to becoming “a larger entertainment show focusing on fun, educational videos for kids and families … including science experiments, challenges, reading, games, educational topics, music videos, pretend play, and more.”

In recent months, Ryan ToysReview has been at the center of brewing friction between the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), YouTube, Google, and the content creators that use the YouTube platform to reach an audience of kids. At the center of the ongoing debate is proper disclosure to differentiate organic content from sponsored ads, along with user privacy for kids under the age of 13.

Beyond the name change for Ryan’s core channel, Ryan’s World Español debuted with dubbed versions of popular videos aimed at a Spanish-speaking audience.

Ryan’s family now manages eight YouTube channels under its Sunlight Entertainment Banner. The full channel lineup includes Ryan’s World, Ryan’s World Español, EK Doodles, Ryan’s Family Review, Vtubers, Combo Panda, Gus the Gummy Gator, and The Studio Space.