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This year, The Insights Family launched its services into four new international markets including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Argentina, and South Africa. This expansion of operations allows the business to now provide real-time data from 22 territories. 

The Insights Family now provides clients with access to ethical real-time data by covering all countries in the G20. The new markets will allow the business to survey 200 different parents and 400 different children each week. The Insights Family will also interview a new family member every 55 seconds from somewhere in the world. 

The Insights Family Key Numbers | Source: The Insights Family

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“2021 was a transformational year for the business, with us enjoying significant growth and development across the business,” says The Insights Family CEO and Founder Nick Richardson. “The expansion into these markets, based on client demand, demonstrates our position as the global leader in kids, parents and family market intelligence.”

The Insights Family is the market leader for kids, parents, and family intelligence. The company provides insight and trend analysis to more than 100 global clients, including Kraft, McDonald’s, and Warner Bros.