U.S. Consumer Confidence Rises Slightly in April

According to Reuters, the U.S. consumer confidence index in April improved slightly to 57.9, compared to 52.3 in March. Many retailers, says Rothman Research, are revising their marketing strategy to attract as much traffic to their stores for the summer. Giant discounters such as Walmart Stores, Inc. and Target Corp. performed extremely well during the recession, and are now trying to attract even more people to these stores as the consumer confidence grows.

“Even if it is a fact that Walmart is a great shopping haven in times of economic turmoil, we believe that the company will still be attracting many more people to its stores even as the economy gets back to its feet,” said Mathew Collier of Rothman Research. “The largest U.S. discounter had been ahead of the competition in 2009 and has been able to attract consumers to its stores even when the economy was hitting rock bottom, so it will surely be able to maximize on news that consumer confidence is slowly gaining grounds.”

Image Credit: AP Chart from Macon.com

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