Once the shipments are sent off, TerraCycle’s processing facilities will recycle the plastic. | Source: TerraCycle

Sustainability is on the minds of many consumers, and therefore in the plans of many companies. The toy industry is the most plastic-intensive industry in the world, so efforts to increase recycling and other eco-friendly measures are becoming more and more necessary. 

Following this trend, VTech and LeapFrog have expanded their relationship with the international recycler TerraCycle to set up toy recycling drop-off locations at educational institutions and local businesses. The goal of the new drop-off program is to keep toys out of landfills and instead give parents and kids easy access to a more sustainable option. The companies first partnered two years ago to offer mailing labels for families looking to recycle their well-loved toys.

Once an organization is set up as a drop-off, the process is straightforward. | Source: TerraCycle

“Through the free recycling program, VTech and LeapFrog are offering consumers a powerful, sustainable option to divert waste from landfills, by providing a way to dispose of their children’s toys responsibly,” says TerraCycle CEO and Founder Tom Szaky. “By becoming a public drop-off location and collecting difficult-to-recycle items, families can educate their children on sustainable practices and show respect for the environment.”

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Organizations that agree to become drop-off points will also be rewarded. Every shipment can earn TerraCycle Recycling Rewards points that can be used for cash donations to a school or nonprofit organization. 

More information and the steps required to become a drop-off location are available on the TerraCycle website.

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