A rainbow of play opportunities await toddlers and preschoolers with all-new additions to Wooky Entertainment’s Block Crayon product range. This year, Wooky Entertainment introduces a linr full of creativity-centered Block Crayon offerings, including Block Crayon Color & Stow Pony Stable.

The new Block Crayon products include themed playsets as well as coloring book ensembles and accessories that feature the line’s signature color-saturated, non-toxic, and odorless crayons. The range includes single- and double-tipped blocks embossed with letters, numbers, objects, and an array of 3-D sculpted characters.

New additions to the lineup for kids ages 18 months and up include:

  • Color & Stow Pony Stable – A pony-themed activity set that does double-duty as a storage case with barn-shaped roof featuring stacking nubs for creative building.  The set includes ten sculpted Block Crayons, including character shapes, and a 15-foot roll of illustrated paper for endless pony-themed creations. When playtime is over, all pieces stow away neatly in the case.  
  • Knight & Dragon Coloring Books – Kids can “suit up” with this fantasy-themed activity coloring book that features 48 illustrated, heavy-gauge coloring pages and five assorted Block Crayons, including two thematic sculpted characters. The latest addition to the coloring book line that also includes Farm Coloring Book and Fire Truck Coloring Book.
  • Paper Roll Assortment Counter Display – These themed, collectible paper refill containers each feature one sculpted Block Crayon. The 15-foot illustrated paper roll is available for Color & Stow Pony Stable, Color & Stow Farm, and the three-in-one Block Crayon Activity Table. Paper roll themes include Farm, Pony, Zoo and Fire Station.

In addition to the new products, Wooky Entertainment has updated the Block Crayon website: www.blockcrayon.com.  Find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/blockcrayon and on YouTube at http://youtu.be/Pq4y7x3Qmn8.