AshOllie-couch1Yummico, the children’s media company co-founded by Blue’s Clues creator Traci Paige Johnson and feature film producer Caroline Baron, is launching a new preschool series, The Adventures of Ash & Ollie

The e-book features two mischievous brothers, and uses storytelling and physical comedy to frame stories that focus on the social, emotional, and behavioral skills children need. Ash & Ollie includes child development issues parents deal with everyday, such as sleep, sibling rivalry, sharing, following rules, understanding feelings, confronting fear, and screen time. 

The debut release is the enhanced e-book Screen Time, which deals with the issue of kids’ computer, tablet, and smartphone usage. Screen Time is produced in collaboration with Fingerprint, the kid’s mobile learning and entertainment network. In Screen Time, Ash and Ollie can’t wait to play games on the phone or computer. But how much time is too much, and what are the rules? Respecting their parents’ rules, the boys do their chores and get to explore and play on their devices, but also go outside for a play date.  

Enhanced features on the e-book include animation and games. Screen Time will be released in September for both the iOS and Android operating systems.