mrpalindromeMr. Palindrome, an Australia-based musician and dad, celebrates the U.S. retail release of his first CD, Smiley Face Sticker, in anticipation of a winter family concert in the U.S. this year. Mr. Palindrome (Natan Kuchar) loves to sing, especially silly songs with really big words as a tool to help children get comfortable with using them.

Mr. Palindrome introduces concepts like alliteration, anagrams, and onomatopoeia in the form of whimsical songs. Little listeners can sing along and learn the “Backwards Alphabet,” and a ton of tongue twisters.

Parents and teachers can even visit for activity ideas to enhance learning or his YouTube vlog for craft demonstrations that promote simple and silly ways to have fun and learn new things.

Over the last couple of years, Mr. Palindrome has honed his craft before thousands of schoolchildren in his home country. He is currently booking concerts on the West Coast, including several San Francisco Bay Area performances, in December and January.