DOCBAG14107289When I was a kid, my mom worried about my sister’s obsessive interest in Barbie dolls and various baby dolls—not that there is anything wrong with these little girl staples. I think she just wanted to make sure that Anna understood that there was more to look forward to than having babies, looking like Barbie, and finding her Ken. When we got a little older, we had a board game called Mystery Date, where the sole objective was to find your perfect cutie for a mystery date. Similar to this was Dream Phone, a game that revolved around calling every boy in the deck of playing cards until you found Mr. Right. Maybe, though, rock bottom was Mall Madness, a game in which the winner is the girl who finds the best sale at the mall. And our parents wonder why we were boy-crazed teenagers who most loved to frequent the mall, meanwhile our brother, Jesse, is attending medical school—I blame my parents.

McstuffinsThere’s a new toy that really got me thinking about this: Doc McStuffins Get Better Check-Up Center, from Just Play, based on the Doc McStuffins series, from Disney Junior. This center includes 10 pieces that will make kids wish they were in the medical field. It’s perfect for role play—this time as a doctor, not a boy-crazy professional shopper. The set includes Lambie, featured in Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins series, and she will play patient to Doc McStuffins, activating sounds and phrases. There is a light-up x-ray machine, a movable scale, a growth chart, and a Band-Aid dispenser. This set could keep kids busy for hours, and it includes lights and sound for Doc McStuffins diagnosis.


This center is not the only Doc McStuffins play thing from Just Play to encourage medical play. If kids want to take pretend doctor to the next level, the Doc McStuffins Dress Up Set is adorable, and includes a white lab coat with buttons, a doctor’s name badge, a sparkly headband, and a stethoscope. If little girls are insistent on having a baby doll, Doc McStuffins Time for Your Checkup Doll is perfect. This talking doll comes with Lambie, a doctor’s bag, a thermometer, an otoscope, and a comb. The adorable voice featured in the Disney Junior series will diagnose Lambie’s sickness. The Doc McStuffins Doctor’s Bag Set includes seven pieces—all glittery—the doc’s bag, a syringe, a blood pressure cuff with working gauge, an otoscope, a bandage cuff, a sticker sheet, and of course, Doc’s magical stethoscope. Like most Doc McStuffins products, it includes light and sound.

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