At Creative Kidstuff , a specialty toy store based out of Minnesota, play is learning and learning is play. With the expertise of St. David’s Center’s specialists, Creative Kidstuff has launched CK Autism, a resource for families with children on the autism spectrum or who have other special needs.

The partnership allows Creative Kidstuff to provide the families of children on the autism spectrum with a new level of service as they strive to help their children grow and thrive. With the guidance of a loving parent or caregiver, almost any toy can provide an enriched play experience for a child on the autism spectrum. However, certain toys may be especially beneficial when considering the needs of these young individuals.

CK Autism offers more options, categories, and products from which parents and caregivers can choose. Instead of a small selection of “sensory” toys, Creative Kidstuff had St. David’s Center evaluate its complete product stock and identify new products or old favorites in a new light as beneficial to children on the spectrum. This will be especially helpful for friends and extended family shopping for a child with ASD.

The list of toys is reinforced with an intuitive support system. In the stores, staff is trained to ask key questions about a child to help understand their particular needs and pinpoint the right toy and play pattern for them. The website offers the same service through an online questionnaire and interactive support system.

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