ATOMSATOMS, smart building blocks from Seamless Toy Co. that began life as a Kickstarter project, are now available. With ATOMS, kids can create things as fast as they can imagine them: For example, a bashful talking pet monster that loves hiding under tables, or a stuffed cat that “meows” by waving a magic wand.

Suitable for kids ages 6 and up, ATOMS have no exposed elements or magnets, and come in starter sets that contain everything kids need to build monsters, magic wands, and robots. They are also designed to integrate with Lego, Barbie, and action figures, giving old toys new possibilities.

Seamless is also introducing an ATOMS iOS app later this month, which enables kids to add virtual ATOMS on their Bluetooth-enabled Apple iPad, iPod, or iPhone. Screen-based ATOMS can be used to control real ATOMS from across the room, and alternatively, real ATOMS can be used via the same Bluetooth link to remotely control features on iOS devices, such as the camera and music player.

The company is taking new orders via its website, and will produce a limited number of sets for holiday delivery, available on a first-come, first-served basis, with production expanding next year.

Current ATOMS sets include:

  • Quarks Sets: ATOMS and included parts can be used to make Furby-sized monsters that talk, react to light, move around, and are controlled by an iOS device.
  • ATOMagic Sets: ATOMS and included parts can be used to build magic wands that activate ATOMS creations from across a room.
  • Individual ATOMS: Can be used to expand a collection or build from scratch.

Seamless Toy Co.’s financial backers include former Apple Software CTO Avie Tevanian, former Apple CFO Fred Anderson, and musician Bono.