3Doodler1Mil3-D printing pen creator 3Doodler celebrated selling its one millionth pen. The company has raised more than $4 million on Kickstarter across three separate campaigns, and its products are now sold in 60 countries around the world—boasting more than $20 million a year in revenue. 

Since its launch four years ago, 3Doodler was referenced on The Simpsons and signed licenses with 20th Century Fox, Cartoon Network, and CBS to create limited edition pen sets. The company also offers themed kits, including the 3Doodler Start Robotics Pen Set and Activity Kit. 3Doodler is now offering price reductions across its Create Plastics line and free shipping on Educational Bundles.

Beyond mainstream education, 3Doodler recently received the official seal of approval for the 3Doodler Start from UK charity Royal National Institute for the Blind, the UK charity, who affirmed it as an easy-to-use product for those who are blind or partially sighted. The company is now also working with organizations in the U.S. to continue removing barriers to creativity for individuals with a range of other disabilities.