The Rainbow Group‘s 44 Cats will debut on Sony Pictures Television’s Pop TV in the UK this September.

Produced by Rainbow in collaboration with Antoniano Bologna and Rai Ragazzi, 44 Cats follows four kittens — Lampo, Milady, Pilou, and Meatball – who form a band called The Buffycats. Living and rocking out in the Clubhouse — a garage at Granny Pina’s house — the quartet’s adventures explore themes of friendship and altruism, tolerance, diversity, and acceptance.

“We are absolutely thrilled with this new broadcast deal, as Pop TV have such a big presence and reputation in the UK”, says Andrea Graciotti, head of sales, TV series, movies and co-productions of Rainbow. “This adds to the buzz surrounding the brand, that is receiving a great response from across the international TV market!”

Pop TV is one of the biggest free, over-the-air kids’ channels in the UK.

The 52-episode series debuted on Discovery Kids in Latin America, Clan TVE in Spain, and Super RTL in Germany.