Toy Store Window

Source: Mike Birdy, RatedRadarDetector

The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) is conducting its annual performance survey of independent toy stores to establish benchmarks on critical financial metrics. Store owners are encouraged to submit store data for inclusion in the retail analytics survey by April 30.

Participating retailers that are ASTRA members will receive a free report that compares its store’s financial performance to the average ASTRA retailer and to high performing ASTRA stores. Retailers will also receive a free report with industry averages for independent stores as a whole. Nonmembers can purchase this report of industry averages.

“This is an ASTRA member benefit valued at $2,500 that is all about helping you grow your business by understanding your store’s financial strengths and weak spots,” notes Kimberly Mosley, president of ASTRA. “We have made this valuable management tool simpler and more convenient than ever. For most retailers, it will only take an hour or so to grab numbers from the tax return you just completed and fill in the survey. It’s a small investment of time to get a free personalized analysis that could be a game-changer for you in identifying and managing any weak spots in your business.”

The survey is conducted by Industry Insights, an independent survey research and analytics firm. Survey responses from individual stores are completely confidential. ASTRA receives only aggregated data, not any information specific to an individual store. New ASTRA members can take advantage of this benefit if they join and submit data by the deadline on April 30.