Following a successful launch on Netflix in the U.S., Aurora World will take YooHoo to the Rescue to MIPTV.

Based on Aurora World‘s YooHoo & Friends, which has sold more than 80 million plush since its launch in 2007, YooHoo to the Rescue will be showcased in the Asian Cultural Hub City at MIPTV, taking place April 8 to 11, in Cannes, France. A co-production with Italy’s MondoTV, a global launch for the series is planned for this spring, with 52 11-minute episodes being dubbed in 20 different languages for 190 countries.

The series features environmental themes, in which YooHoo and his crew travel from the magical forest of YooTopia to Earth to confront threats to nature and wildlife, meet many different endangered animal species from around the world, and make new friends along the way.

YooHoo to the Rescue will be boosted by a refreshed plush toy line based on the new series, along with the rollout of a licensing and merchandising program across other consumer products categories. Licensees include Panini (stickers, miniature figurines, trading cards), Nuvita (baby products), Apple Beauty (toiletries), Dolfin (candy), and Kennedy Publishing (magazines).