CandyRific Introduces New M&M’S Products for Christmas

CandyRific is introducing M&M’S products featuring Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue for the 2010 holiday season.

The 3-in-1 M&M’S Christmas Candy Gift Set comes with a working M&M’S watch, Etch-A-Sketch, and Sticker Stamper, as well as three fun size packs of M&M’s candies. ($10.99)

Red sits atop of a nicely wrapped present in the M&M’S Ornament Dispenser Christmas Gift Set. When you pull his arm, candies dispense out of the bottom of the gift. The gift set includes an M&M’S ornament, available in red or green, and a fun size pack of M&M’S. ($8.99)

The M&M’S Christmas Tree is a light-up miniature Christmas tree that comes with a toy train conducted by Red, which circles the tree base when the button is pressed. The tree includes two fun size packs of M&M’S. ($14.99)

The M&M’S Christmas Triple Dispenser holds and easily dispenses M&M’S. Red, Yellow, and Blue are each positioned on top of a chamber, dressed in Santa hats. The dispenser comes with three fun size packs of M&M’S. ($14.99)

Blue takes the wheel in the M&M’S Military Jeep. Red sits in the passenger seat, while Yellow holds on for dear life under the hood. M&M’S candies fit under the hood and dispense out of the bumper when you pull Red’s arm. The Jeep makes car sounds and has working lights. The Jeep includes a 5.30 oz bag of M&M’S, and will be available year-round starting Christmas 2010. ($24.99)

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