Crorey Creations Introduces My Friendship Bracelet Maker

Crorey Creations, Inc. has introduced the My Friendship Bracelet Maker, a kit designed as an easy way to create friendship bracelets. The kit features an adjustable butterfly clip at the top to hold strings in place, a row of numbered pegs at the bottom to keep strings in order, and a slide-out storage tray to organize and transport extra threads.

David Crorey came up with the initial concept for the kit while babysitting his granddaughters and struggling to make friendship bracelets with them. My Friendship Bracelet Maker first launched in Michigan-based specialty retailers and is now available in over 300 independent toy stores, as well as Hobby Lobby and Michaels stores nationwide.

Each kit comes with 56 pre-cut, 60-inch threads in 14 different colors, as well as directions for how to create a variety of different designs. The kit is recommended for ages 6 and up.

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Christina Edwards

Christina Edwards

Summer 2010 intern for The Toy Book/Specialty Toys & Gifts