SlimeKitDuneCraft has created boxed mini science kits to make science fun for kids. All of the kits work by adding some water. Slick Sand stays dry even when it is submerged, which teaches erosion control, conservation of mass, and osmosis. Users can decide what color, texture, and thickness the slime will be. The Super Slippery Bouncy Balls look like marbles, but when water is added to them, they expand hundreds of times in size. When they are dried out, they can be stored in a sealed bag for reuse.

The Unreal Upchuck contains a starling skeleton that can be reconstructed. The starling, a common menu item in the barn owl’s diet, can be constructed into the Starling Unreal Upchuck pellet. Super Snow expands to over 100 times its size and lasts for weeks without re-wetting. Lastly, the Make Your Own Snowman Kit comes with everything needed to create life-like snow, a snowman, snowballs, fort, and igloo. All the materials are reusable.