Two familiar faces from the Marvel Universe—one friendly, the other slightly less so—make their way into Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes (2.0 Edition) today. Fans will be able to purchase figures for Falcon and Loki, who join a variety of Marvel super heroes, Disney fan favorites, and more to create all-new adventures.

Loki’s character highlights include defeating his opponents with a powerful scepter and projecting decoy versions that bewilder heroes and enemies alike. Meanwhile, the soaring Falcon is known to fans of both comic books and Marvel Studios films as one of Captain America’s closest allies.

The final two Power Discs—Marvel Team-Up: Captain Marvel and Ultimate Falcon—are also available today as a Rare Power Disc Pack. With Marvel Team-Up: Captain Marvel, players can activate her energy blasts and super strength, while Ultimate Falcon has the ability to collect sparks from far away and unlock the character’s Ultimate costume.